Organ Tuning

A tuning and maintenance visit involves rectifying common faults (e.g. ciphers), as well as tuning through the organ. For larger organs this would usually involve tuning one division and the reeds. Prices vary depending on the size, location and condition of the organ, but contact us for our standard tuning visit costs.

Visits of two or more days can be arranged upon request. Before any tuning contract is entered into, we will visit the organ to assess it's condition, and if requested give our advice on work that needs to be carried out.


Faults Visits

Should an organ be unplayable due to faults, we can spend time just making it playable. Although we rectify faults on tuning and maintenance visits, it is sometimes necessary to spend a day or more just rectifying faults. If the organ has not been in use for some time due to faults it is advisable that you arrange with us a tuning following on from a faults visit.

An emergency faults visit can be arranged for ciphers, notes not playing or any other problem. We are available to work evenings and weekends for emergency call outs.


Stand By

During an important event, such as a recital, it is wise to have an organ builder on stand-by, in case of any problems. A stand-by visit would also include checking through the organ and tuning if necessary. We will repeat this during the interval if requested.

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