Organ Intensive Care

We often take over the care and maintenance of a new instrument to find that it has been the victim of years of neglect. Many clients struggle to raise funds for total rebuilds and are often misquoted or mislead as to the necessity and subsequent costs of works.

After an initial assessment of the instrument we will compile a report detailing major faults (if any), areas of concern and a suggestion of future works, as well as a list of issues that can be dealt with in the interim period. We will then spend a number of days (to be agreed beforehand) on site, rectifying faults, making repairs and giving the instrument a thorough tuning- things which are often enough to get the instrument back in top form. These have become increasingly popular over the last few years and we offer one-, two- and three-day intensive care packages to suit most budgets.

If you have an instrument that hasn’t worked properly for years or you have been advised that nothing other than a full rebuild will do, we urge you to contact us to discuss how an intensive care visit might benefit you.

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